Small Business Bounce Back - Social Media Training Package

Small Business Bounce Back - Social Media Training Package

It's here! 


Our "Small Business Bounce Back" package gives you everything you need to get ready to get back to work. 


Now is the time to get all over social media - in the best way you possibly can. Engage with your existing customers and make new ones. 


We understand that continued paid services aren't for everyone - so we've put together a training guide that will give you all of the tricks and tips you need to get started. 


Our training guide provides: 


- Why use social media to promote your business?

- Starting line - what to measure and why. What should you be thinking about?

- How to set up social media channels in a professional way 

- Branding - why is this important?

- Social Posting

- Network Variations

- Search engines - how can they help you?

- The importance of measuring data

- Software 



The cost includes a full social media audit (with advice on where improvements can be made) and a 60 minute marketing consultation (completed via Zoom whilst social distancing measures are in place). 


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